15 Unique Topics For Composing A Successful Research Paper

Carrying out research for your dissertation can be hard work, but you need to ensure that your selected topic stands out from everyone else’s. It can be tempting to opt for a more recognized subject matter, but you may find it tedious researching information that you effectively already know. Below are some examples of what can make your dissertation stand out from everyone else’s.

  1. What Effect Did Trains and Railroads Have On America?
  2. Explain how the introduction of trains and railroads affected businesses and communities overall.

  3. How Has Airport Security Changed Since September 11th, 2001?
  4. Students can look at security procedures in place before, and how they have evolved since the unfortunate attacks.

  5. What Is The Origin of Rap Music?
  6. An essay could be completed on how rap music was introduced, and how it has evolved throughout the years.

  7. How Have Digital Downloads Affected the Music Industry
  8. Interesting points could be the differences between profits seen before and after digital downloads were introduced.

  9. Has Streaming Made Us More Adventurous When It Comes To Watching Movies?
  10. A term paper could be completed comparing the current trends to those of the 1980’s and 1990’s to see if there is a change in genre, etc.

  11. Do Mobile Devices Make Us Less Sociable?
  12. What Technology Is Available To Help Conserve Energy?
  13. Students could look at any current technology and the reasons for its use, and whether such technology will change the world overall.

  14. Why The Law Differs In Different Countries.
  15. Do Video Games Affect Children’s Behavior?
  16. How Media Piracy Is Affecting The Entertainment Sector.
  17. Explanations can be given on how piracy is affecting different media outlets, such as television and music.

  18. Are We Too Reliant On Technology?
  19. Students could look at whether we really need the technology we use or is it psychological. Does it help businesses and freelance workers move forward with their business model?

  20. Are Lie Detector Results Always Accurate?
  21. Lie detector results can raise a lot of different opinions. While doing their homework, students could research who uses lie detectors and how they warrant the results.

  22. The Benefits of Medical Marijuana.
  23. Which Inventor Had the Biggest Impact on the World Overall?
  24. Many inventors have introduced discoveries and technological breakthroughs for centuries, which do you deem to be the most revolutionary?

  25. Will There Ever Be a Cure For Aids?
  26. Students could look at recent developments in treatments and drugs, and also discuss what breakthroughs have been discovered and how they have affected the treatment of those with the illness.