A List Of Topic Suggestions For A World History Term Paper

Sometimes finding a suitable topic for your term paper can prove equally challenging as the actual writing itself. This is because it is just not a matter of picking on any topic for the sake of it. You need to be strategic to find one that you are genuinely interested in and can gather enough materials for the study. The good news is that, there are many sources which provide suggestions from where you can choose your history term paper topic.

The choice of a topic can be made from a subject you are currently studying in class or from online sources. Whichever source you pick, just make sure you arrive at an appropriate choice so that you can have it easier. Below are some of the topics that you can explore for world history:

  • Cold war and its global impact
  • Slavery Causes, Effects and its Abolishment
  • World War 1 and its Economic Impact on Europe
  • The Holocaust
  • Civilization in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia
  • The History of Art and its Significance
  • Colonization and Scramble for Africa
  • The Rise of America as Political and Economic Power
  • The Black Death
  • The Great Depression

Here is a typical sample approach to take for these topics…

The Consequences Of The Cold War On The World

The cold war may have happened between the United States of America and the Soviet Union, but it definitely affected more people. The heat that was born during the World Wars brought ripple effect and were subjects of interests to all. It is a topic that cuts across the world and will definitely be a researchable one.

The abolishment of slavery and the effects to the world

The things that took place, how people suffered and the whole process of acquiring slaves would draw enough attention. Then there is the process of slavery abolishment and the effect it had on the world. There was a lot going on in opposite directions. There are those who needed to feel free and safe again and there is the other group that felt that it was on the losing end. By researching on this topic, you will have enough to say about the past as well as linking the issues to the present world.

The economic changes that the World War 1 brought to Europe

The fact that you will at some point be required to zoom into Europe does by no means limit you. The World War 1 was bigger than Europe hence your scope is still wide enough. You will focus on the countries that were directly affected as well as those who got the heat from a distance. Europe was at the epicentre of it all hence the effects on its economy. The World Wars basically affected the world at large so there is still a shared loss apart from that of Europe.

The topics listed here are just a few out of the many that you can write about. Most importantly is for you to make a wise and strategic choice of topic.