How to Write a Research Paper on Abortion

The subject of abortion is quite controversial in modern society. It had been subjected to religious, moral, ethical, medical, legal, and philosophical questioning. Is it right or wrong? People seem to hold different views on the subject. Any researcher who wants to write on this subject must carry out an intense study.

Research Paper on Abortion

Research papers are generally categorized as analytical or argumentative even though they may vary. Scholars explain their thesis and convince the reader to agree with their stand in an argumentative essay. The analytical essay writer presents well-analyzed information while the audience takes their stance. A research paper on abortion is original analytical writing where findings are interpreted.

Hints on Writing Abortion Research Paper

The subject of abortion has been creating political and even moral divides in America since 1995. The questions from abortion debates remain:

  • Is abortion morally right?
  • Should it be legalized or banned?

These questions are not as simple as they seem. Some group (the pro-choice) supports the fact that a woman has the right to choose to carry the pregnancy or not. Another group (the pro-life) believes that the fetus has rights. Therefore, it should be treated like other human beings.
Students have to take the pro-life or the pro-choice stance if they want to write argumentatively. For analytical research, the writer investigates both views objectively.
Religious, ethical, and legal based arguments take the lead on this subject. The rights of the fetus and the woman are also considered. The pro-choice camp believes that the woman has a reproductive right. The pro-life group believes that the life of the fetus also counts.

Best Topics for Abortion Research Paper

You should choose a topic you find interesting to write a paper on abortion. You can also develop your thesis statement or research question. There are some interesting topics you can write on or build your topic. Some of the topics are:

  • The effects of abortion legalization on the birth rate
  • How to regulate pregnancy termination all over the world
  • Moral implications of pregnancy termination.
  • Abortion politics- effects on the next generation
  • Possible medical implications of abortion.
  • Is pregnancy termination a health issue?
  • The mental health condition of a woman after abortion

Writing an Outline for a Research Paper on Abortion

To write an outline for a research paper on abortion, you need your thesis statement. The thesis statement gives a summary of your research paper and shows your points. Your thesis will help you stay within the boundaries of your work.
After writing your thesis statement, get back up ideas for your thesis. It should form your subtopics. Your subtopic should also be logically arranged. The required volume of your research paper would determine how extensive your subtopics would be. Your research paper must include the introduction, main body, and finally, the conclusion.
Writing on a controversial subject, like abortion, requires intense research. Lots of literature reviews, studies, analysis, and proofreading. You can also get research on abortion and study the format and progression of the work.

A research paper on abortion can be written either analytically or argumentatively. From the tips and sample topics above, you will be able to write a good research paper on abortion. Ensure you carry out more research online, though. However, you can hire someone to write a paper and get homework help instead of wasting time trying to work on an assignment you are not breaking through.