How to Write a Research Paper Well

As a student, you might have written several research papers, but you find it a bit tricky anytime you get assigned to do a research paper. If you once did it, then you can as well do it again. What matters is the approach and the strategies you have in place to accomplish the task at hand. Read on to get new tips on how you can plan for any research paper.   

  • Selecting the topic

You will have the best paper if you select a question that gives you more content to write on. If you are assigned a mandatory topic, then you have no option. You have to approach it the way it is. However, if you are given choices, thin broadly, avoid going for a topic because you love it or because it is easy. Yes, it might look easy but think of the bigger picture here, will the subject give you enough content? At times you need to challenge your skills by choosing a topic that seems hard and do your best. You never know; the professor can like your work more because of the topic you chose.

  • Preliminary reading & recordkeeping

The next step is to read through the instructions as you note down important points. As you write down your points, remember to use an appropriate format according to the professor’s instructions. It can either be APA or MLA. Identify different sources where you will collect your information—Mark all the quotes from various sources so that you know how to arrange them in your paper. The critical point here is to enhance good recordkeeping for reference.

  • Organizing

After preliminary reading, you need to have a clear outline of how you will structure your essay. Write down all the points that reflect on the main topic. You can write down questions so that they can guide you in finding the answers you want. Again, you can highlight the points you wish to discuss in your paper. In any case, use the method that you find appropriate.

  • Thesis formulation

Again, you need to develop a good thesis statement that summarizes what your topic is all about. You can create the thesis using the keywords to guide you when writing the article. However, you can revise the statement later and remove unnecessary phrases.

  • Research

At this point, you are already set up to start your research. You can use many resources to gather information, such as books, articles, or research data from the internet. Write down the points you collect from different sources as you consider the writing style. Avoid copying direct information from other sources and pasting them as your work. Plagiarism is a no-go zone; avoid it as much as possible.

  • Creating the first draft

Now, you need to write the body of your paper. You need to start with the thesis statement, and you can leave the introduction and conclusion sections first. Focus on the significant points arranged in paragraphs.

  • Revising

Go through the work again and ensure all the ideas in your paper are well-organized and reflect your thesis statement. Each paragraph should have its point, and you need to start with the strongest points. Check the quotes and ensure they are well-placed.

  • Writing the intro, conclusion, and citations.

Include a one-paragraph intro and a one-paragraph conclusion in your final draft. Also, include citations and ensure all the formatting is done appropriately. Keep in mind the professor’s instructions when creating the final draft.

  • Proofreading

Set aside some time to read through your work again. Check for typos and grammar errors. You can opt to use available software but do not rely on them much since they aren’t real people. Proofreading enables you to submit work you are confident with.


Writing a research paper can be hectic at times. However, with the best research paper writing service, right tools and strategies in place, you will always have a smooth experience. Take note of the instructions and the structure of the paper. Finally, dedicate enough time to accomplish all the requirements.